January 5, 2023

Big V Property Group Celebrates 80 Years in Retail

Celebrating our past and defining our future through a foundation of tradition, integrity, commitment and innovation.

Celebrating an anniversary is a milestone for any company, but an 80th anniversary is a monumental one. In 1942, when William and Viola Rosenberg opened Victory Super Market in Florida, NY, they could have never predicted what would grow from the foundation they laid. A self-service grocery store that innovatively supplied housewares and toys, in addition to the standard grocery offerings, Victory Super Market began drawing in shoppers from an over twenty-mile radius thanks to its pioneering one-stop-shop approach and family-oriented ethos. 

In the last 80 years, this humble, yet pioneering, storefront has skyrocketed into a vertically integrated real estate investment and management company that was named the 3rd largest private buyer in 2021. Big V Property Group currently owns and operates 54 open-air retail shopping centers across the Sun Belt region that encompasses more than 9 million SF; it’s no small feat (literally). 

Celebrating 8 Decades of Growth, Community, and Legacy 

As part of the celebration, the Big V Property Group team, partners and families, came together this past November to commemorate the milestone of the company’s 80th anniversary. In attendance were members of the Rosenberg family, including current President and CEO Jeffrey Rosenberg, former President Richard “Dick” Rosenberg (1972-1992), COO Mike Rosenberg, and CAO Jason Nidiffer. 

President Jeffrey Rosenberg recounted that whenever he finds himself in a challenging position, he asks himself, “What would my Grandfather William do? He remains at the heart of Big V and its decision-making even today, as do his time-enduring values of kindness, fairness, honor, and trust.” Striking a thoughtful balance between blazing new trails and preserving the ones already walked upon is a noteworthy element of the company’s continued success.  

In its 80 years, Big V Property Group has accomplished something substantial, something that makes a difference— upholding its family-owned beginnings, while welcoming many more into the fold and serving tenants and communities on a grand scale. 

Looking Towards Our Future

Building on the same fundamental principles that were set in place over 80 years ago, Big V Property Group has set a vision for the future that will continue to uphold the principles and values that have served so well. The Big V Team remains focused on their tenants, putting them first and enable success by proactively working to find future-focused solutions to any challenge they face. They are just as committed now as William and Viola were 80-years ago. 

Taking all that has been learned over the past 80 years, Big V Property Group begin’s 2023 with inspired optimism to continue their path of growth and success for their tenants, investors, team and communities.

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