January 9, 2024
press release

Big V Property Group Announces Expanded Role for Kenton McKeehan as Chief Investment Officer

Expanding Leadership and Strategic Vision in Retail Real Estate

Charlotte, NC –Big V Property Group is pleased to announce the role expansion of Kenton McKeehan to Chief Investment Officer. Kenton, who joined the company as Chief Revenue Officer in August 2021, will now embrace a broader spectrum of responsibilities in this enhanced position.

Since his inception with Big V Property Group, Kenton has significantly contributed to the company's revenue strategies. His expanded role as Chief Investment Officer will encompass the continued oversight of revenue operations, coupled with a more pronounced focus on the company's overall investment strategy. Kenton will lead the Investment Committee, driving key investment decisions to optimize the company's portfolio performance. He will also be leading Big V Property Group’s initiative to establish partnerships with institutional capital providers to foster financial and strategic growth.

Jeffrey Rosenberg, Big V Property Group President and CEO, commented, "Kenton's strong leadership and incredible industry knowledge has been one of the key drivers of our expansion over the last several years. We are confident that his expanded role as Chief Investment Officer will bring forth innovative strategies and further solidify our position in the market."

This role expansion for Kenton McKeehan is a testament to Big V Property Group's commitment to evolving its leadership structure and strategy to stay at the forefront of the dynamic retail real estate market.

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