July 7, 2022

Jeff Rosenberg Featured in Stratton Magazine

Big V Property Group President & CEO, Jeff Rosenberg has recently interviewed Stratton Magazine following the purchase of Stratton Village. The article was originally published in the Summer Edition of Stratton Magazine on Page 96. Click here for the original publication.

Big V Property Group, along with their partner Equity Street Capital, recently announced the acquisition of three iconic retail ski villages, including The Village at Stratton, The Village at Snowshoe in West Virginia, and The Village at Copper Mountain in Colorado. This launches Big V Property Group into the prestigious resort destination market. All three properties offer an exciting new category of retail for Big V Property Group, which owns and operates 54 neighborhood and community shopping centers totaling over 9 million square feet, primarily located in the southern region of the US.

Joshua Sherman, CEO of Old Mill Road Media and publisher of Stratton Magazine, recently connected with Stratton resident Jeffrey Rosenberg, President and CEO of Big V Property Group.

Sherman: How and when did you discover Stratton?

Rosenberg: I’ve always loved the outdoors, and I enjoyed going to Vermont to ski when I was in my teens, but I stopped during college.

In February 2013, when my two youngest were 4 and 5 years old, we held a family get together at Stratton, and we had an amazing time as a family on the mountain. We all enjoyed being outdoors and just spending time together. After that trip, my wife and I decided that this would be a fun family getaway spot and decided to purchase a unit in Stylesbrook. Several years later, we purchased a unit in Solstice, where we currently reside.

We started coming to Stratton every weekend and the kids joined the ski programs and started to learn to ski.

We spent a significant amount of time in The Village, shopping and eating meals at the establishments. I always thought that there were many things that could be done to improve the customer experience.

Sherman: What do you love about Stratton?

Rosenberg: For me and my family, Stratton has become our home away from home. We have developed friendships that have gone beyond just meeting at Stratton.

The Village helped with that experience by giving us a unique area to shop and dine. The kids often go to the village on their own to pick up candy or a snack. We are confident that they are safe and secure.

Sherman: Why did you choose to purchase The Village at Stratton, and what are some of your plans for the future?

Rosenberg: Every time I walked through The Village, I would say to myself, “There is so much untapped potential for The Village to provide an unparalleled customer experience. There is so much traffic through The Village, and it’s a shame that not more is being done to really improve the overall resort shopping experience.

So, when the opportunity was presented for us to purchase The Village, I thought that we could be the team to make that difference. We ended up purchasing three villages – Stratton, the Village at Showshoe, and the Village at Copper Mountain.

This summer, we are working on various improvements to The Village – general maintenance and repairs. We will also be replacing all of The Village lighting with LED lights to improve illumination at night.

Our leasing team has already been in discussions with various existing and new tenants to look at bringing a better customer experience. We are adding a dedicated marketing specialist to our team for The Villages to work with Stratton to improve The Village’s entertainment.

It will take time, but I believe that over the next several years, you will see significant enhancements and The Village at Stratton will be the resort shopping and dining experience it deserves to be.

Sherman: Thanks so much, Jeffrey. We look forward to seeing The Village grow!

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